General Dermatology

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Dermatologists  are physicians with specialty training in diagnosis, surgery and  treatment of the skin, hair, and nails of children and adults. Your skin  is the largest organ in your body and is an extremely important defense  against infections and the environment. At Dermatology Specialists of  Omaha we have over 98 years of combined experience and expertise  diagnosing and treating skin disorders. We are committed to providing  you with high quality care in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. We  know that your skin concerns are personal and unique. We will work with  you to find the right treatment for your condition and make tailored  recommendations to keep your skin healthy.  

All  adults and children with a family history of skin cancer or risk   factors for skin cancer should have at least a yearly skin exam. Risk   factors for skin cancer include: tanning bed use, sunburns, fair skin,   blue or green eyes, freckled skin, and a family history of melanoma. 

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