Mission Statement

We  are dedicated to our patients, who allow us to give of ourselves daily  in our workplace. Their safety, wellness, dignity and comfort are our  greatest concerns. We are dedicated to preventing and treating disorders  of the skin, and to treating the whole person in the process. Our goal  is to form a long-term therapeutic partnership with each patient.

We are committed to teamwork. To learning about and  taking care of ourselves, so we can do the same for others. To trying to  set a good example, whether by demonstrating knowledge, skill,  compassion, integrity, good humor, or by just doing something nice. To  thinking ahead and anticipating how to help others. To treating others  as we want to be treated. Our goal is to focus each day on accomplishing  our work as a team.

We strive for excellence. In working continually to  improve our knowledge, judgment, attitude, and skills. In maintaining a  safe, orderly, solution-oriented and cooperative work environment. In  our attention to patient care, especially in our caring and sensitivity  for each patient’s physical and mental comfort. Our goal is to  contribute each day to making Dermatology Specialists of Omaha a “Center  of Excellence” where we are proud to work.

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