Mobile Check-in

Regular appointments allow you to build a better relationship with your provider and keeps you healthier.  Receiving an electronic check-in message reminds you of upcoming appointments and helps to reduce office wait times by allowing you to check in prior to your visit.
DSO is using Mobile Check-In as our current patient check-in process. This process allows you to complete any updates or payments in the comfort of your home.  When you arrive to the office for your appointment, stop by the front desk to make them aware you are in receptionist area.  They will make sure there are no issues with your check-in and alert the clinical staff you are ready to take back to the exam area.
Mobile Check-in also allows the office to be more eco-friendly with less printing and paper waste.
If you have a cell phone number on file with DSO, you will receive a text message from your provider 24 hours prior to your visit.  You will receive a message 2 hours prior to your appointment, if you don’t complete the check-in process at your 24 hour notification.
If you are not able to click on the Next button,  scroll your screen to the top to see if you missed a required section.  Fill in the missed questions and you should be able to proceed.
Still having issues? Contact our office at 402-330-4555 to receive additional help for your issue.
To cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can contact DSO directly 402-330-4555.
Simply reply “STOP” to any text message from your provider.
Send the word “RESUME” to an existing text message.  If you no longer have a message, send it to the short code 82273.  The word “Resume” is not case sensitive.  This will opt you back in to receive future messages.
Keeping your information safe is our top priority.  Follow My Health comply with all federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy and follow industry best practices for data security.
No.  Your data is available free of charge.  However, standard text messaging rates (from your cell phone provider) may apply.  You can opt out from receiving messages at any time by replying “STOP” to the text message.