If you are looking for a subtle, natural way to appear more youthful, then look no further.  Both Dr. Hultgren and Dr. Wolpert have special interest in anti-aging and perform procedures ranging from dermal filler injections to laser resurfacing. A combined approach targeting multiple facets of the aging process yields best results.  For example, fillers treat the volume loss that occurs with natural aging and the effects of gravity.  Neurotoxins such as Botox treat deeper lines and wrinkles on the face due to using our facial muscles.  Lasers are utilized to target sun damage, redness and promote collagen production.  Additional treatments in our spa such as microneedling and chemical peels improve skin texture and can treat pigmentation and acne scarring.  Finally, a good skin care regimen is imperative to protect the skin from UV damage and improve skin texture.  See our cosmetic services menu below for more information, and schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dermatologists today.


Cosmetic Procedures

Diminishes Lines of Facial Expression

(Estimates may change based on physician recommendation)

Area of Face

Service Pricing
Glabella (scowl lines) $260 – $325+
Crow’s Feet $156 – $234+
Forehead $104 – $130

LowerFace Treatments

Chin, upper lip, downturned smile (pricing upon request)

Restores volume loss in cheeks, lower face, around lips and mouth

Service Pricing
Restylane Silk $550
Restylane – L $590
Restylane Lyft $650
Juvederm Ulta Plus $650
Voluma $800
Volbella .55ML $550
Volbella 1ML $700
Vollure $700

Laser Treatments

Treats redness, flushing & blood vessels

Pricing based on individual consultation

No downtime for this procedure that rejuvenates skin and lightens brown spots.

Learn More about Sciton Laser.

Service Pricing
Forever Young BBL $450

Targets acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles to improve overall skin texture.

Can combine Halo and BBL for optimal results.

Service Pricing
Halo $1300 3-7 days down time.
Halo & BBL Combination $1600 3-7 days downtime.
Microlaser Peel / Profractional $1200 1-2 weeks downtime for severe wrinkles
SkinTyte $2000 Firms & tightens for more youthful looking skin. Series of 6.